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If you want to know about me... Oh, read this journal, ask me questions, you know? Like all other forms of social interaction.

If you want to cheat and find about me in other ways, you can look here, for I am on here a shameful amount:

or here for my musical proclivities:

or here for random bollocks:!/jeffthelion

or exceptionally rarely here:

If you know me on LJ, feel free to add me on any of the gubbins above.

My wonderful, intelligent and witty wife thelma_viaduct (as of 28/11/2012) is also on here and is well worth a look, not only for the lovely picture but for the sporadically updated content within!

If you're a random who has stumbled across my Journal, I welcome all newcomers but PLEASE leave a comment or send me a message when adding me; that'd be lovely, thanks!

Essentially, I'm likely to add you unless you're a rapist, nonce or if you think rugby union is superior to rugby league. 100% League, 0% Union here, I'm afraid.

One final thing - I love making logs! MASSIVE ONES!

P.S. Toni put that last bit in! I don't really want to delete it, as it's pretty funny, so I won't.

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3 colours red, 80's cartoons, 90's dance music, ac/dc, aim, alabama 3, alcohol, american horror story, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, asian dub foundation, at the drive-in, b. dolan, beastie boys, beer, biffy clyro, bill hicks, billy talent, brass eye, cats, cave in, charlie brooker, css, dan le sac, dancing, darts, dead kennedys, deftones, documentaries, doug stanhope, doves, editors, eels, electronica, everlast, fanzines, festivals, fluffy pows/cows/penguins!, foo fighters, football, forteana, frank turner, future of the left, gallows, gambling, game of thrones, garbage, gigs, gogol bordello, goldschlager, gomez, hell is for heroes, hip hop, hundred reasons, idlewild, incense, incubus, indie, internet nonsense, japanese voyeurs, jarvis cocker, jeffrey lewis, jimmy eat world, journalism, killswitch engage, kinesis, laughing, life, mansun, metal, monk, morcheeba, morrissey, moshing, mufc, muse, n*e*r*d*, nanowrimo, newspapers, nfl, oasis, one minute silence, original cinema, paramore, peep show, piercings, pissing, pj harvey, placebo, pogoing, politics, pool, post hardcore, pulled apart by horses, pulp, punk, qotsa, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, random conversations, red dwarf, rock, rugby league, rugby league chanting, rum, scroobius pip, seasick steve, seattle seahawks, serj tankian, sex, shitting, six by seven, skanking, skunk anansie, slipknot, sonic boom six, south park, stand up comedy, status quo, stiff little fingers, swearing, swimming, swinton lions, system of a down, the big bang theory, the cooper temple clause, the gaslight anthem, the king blues, the menzingers, the neighbourhood, the prodigy, the simpsons, the smiths, the sopranos, the sunshine underground, the x-files, tickling, toni woni-woo!, toni's boobie woobie woos!, toni-michelle tyldesley, twee, twin atlantic, unkle, we are klang, weezer, willy mason, winding up toni, writing
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